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Current News:

***A couple messages from the BSLA Board***

Thank you to all who attended the Annual Meeting Saturday. We had great input, questions and discussions.
4 board positions were open. The following were nominated and elected:
Vic Peth
Scott Stenger
Dennis Stemen
Eric Scharp
Congratulations and thank you to these gentlemen for donating their time.
A special thank you to Randy Miller for his many years of service and many contributions to the BSLA.
We would also like to thank Bobber’s On The Lake for allowing us to host the meeting there.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
What a great turn out for our Brat Feed.
We deeply appreciate the support from our community.
We also would like to thank Bobber’s for allowing us to set up there and for concocting the infamous Butternutter…
For those who missed it, chances are pretty good we will be back next year!

The current Butternut/Schnur Lake Association (BSLA) board of directors want to say “Thank you” to all the members for their contributions both in terms of the annual membership fee, additional monetary contributions, plus any and all ideas or questions you have made to the BSLA. Your membership and input are highly valued! Thank you!


Past News:

The 2020 Fisheree was 1/18/20 on Butternut Lake, with fish registration out of Dick’s resort.

In October 2019 we planted 1500 5-6 inch Crappies in Butternut and 500 8-9 inch Walleyes in Schnur


11 cribs were built by the board and a few members and help with some high school students by the boat landing on Butternut lake, the project took about 1.5 days.

The 2018 fisheree was held out of Timber Breeze resort on Butternut lake. With 30 degrees, we had well over

500 fishermen and women. A very good fundraiser for our next crib building project scheduled in Feb. 23,24.

Shoreland clearing was done at the boat landing in March 2017 to enable shoreland fishing.

The 2017 fisheree  completed on January 21 was attended by about 215 fisherman.

The board completed fish planting in Oct. once again, 1800 crappies to Butternut, 500 walleyes to Schnur