Welcome to Butternut & Schnur Lake Association’s website.

We serve the local Butternut and Schnur Lake community


Current News:

The annual meeting is set for Sept. 15 at 1pm at Dick’s Butternut resort.


11 cribs were built by the board and a few members and help with some high school students by the boat landing on Butternut lake, the project took about 1.5 days.

The 2018 fisheree was held out of Timber Breeze resort on Butternut lake. With 30 degrees, we had well over

500 fishermen and women. A very good fundraiser for our next crib building project scheduled in Feb. 23,24.

We could always use a extra hand we will be starting about 11am at the Butternut lake boat landing


Past News:

Shoreland clearing was done at the boat landing in March 2017 to enable shoreland fishing.

The 2017 fisheree  completed on January 21 was attended by about 215  fisherman.

The board completed fish planting in Oct. once again, 1800 crappies to Butternut, 500 walleyes to Schnur