Critical Wisconsin Waterway Boating Laws and Waterway Ordinance Information

As lakeshore property owners, boaters, and waterways users it is our responsibility to know the laws and regulations that are in place to implement safety for boaters and swimmers and skiers, etc. And just as important is protection of the habitat which includes shorelines, weed lines, boat landings, and other natural waterway creation.

All boat owners are given the Wisconsin Boating Laws and Responsibilities Manual when we purchase a new boat. In this manual are critical items related to proper distancing and also common sense boat safety and habitat protection operation when vessel operators are on the water. Pages 16 & 17 speak specifically to “on the water” Unlawful Operation.

The Butternut/Schnur Lake Association is not an enforcement agency. One of the purposes is to educate and inform so as to support the safety and protection of people and the habitat.

You will find three web links on the Facebook page to Wisconsin Regulations and Laws accordingly.

Is the Wisconsin Guidelines for Boating Ordinances and Waterway Markers.

Is the Wisconsin Boating Laws and Responsibilities manual.

WI State Statute 30.68(4)(b) states that boaters are legally responsible for damage done by the wake of your boat and you are liable for damage as noted in the statute.