BSLA Projects

Projects Completed in 2011

  • Cribs were built in March and placed at the south end of Butternut in June.  Check out the crib building and site map to see locations of cribs in the last few years.
  • BSLA in conjunction with the DNR and University of Wisconsin, SP had a landing boat blitz this past summer.  The purpose of the blitz was to educate boaters and anglers on how to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.  The Association plans to continue the blitz in the summer of 2012 on selected weekends.  The DNR has put up a sign at the landing to remind people to keep their boats clean.

Projects Completed in 2013

The board members met the truck on the east side of Schnurs and planted 500 9 to 10 inch walleyes in October. Half were planted on the east side and the other half on the west side of the lake. Pictures in the website gallery.